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Colonial Relic or Dynamic Organisation: The Commonwealth of Nations and Conflict Resolution, Jessica Roger, University of Wellington, 2001.../read more

Homsexual Law Reform: An ongoing blind spot for the Commonwealth of Nations, 16th Commonwealth Law Reform Conference, Hong Kong, 8 April 2009, The Hon Michael Kirby AC more

Australia, the Commonwealth and Africa: Existing channels, untapped potential, Commonwealth Round Table in Australia submission the House of Representatives Foreign Affairs and Trade Committee, 2009.../read more

Commonwealth asked to do more for food security, Dr Denis Blight, Crawford Fund and member of the Commonwealth Round Table in Australia Steering Committee, 2010.../read more

Science Technology and Society: recognizing agricultural science heroes for a better future, Dr Denis Blight AO FRSA, March 2010.../read more

Submission to the Eminent Persons Group on Future Directions for the Commonwealth, Commonwealth Round Table in Australia, 2010.../read more

The Commonwealth @ 60: Assessing its Success and Value, Dr Hugh Craft - Co-convener of the CRTA and ACT President of the RCS.../read more

Survival of the Commonwealth? Malcolm Fraser AC CH Prime Minister of Australia 1975-83, 2014.../read more