The Royal Commonwealth Society, established in London in 1868, is the oldest civil society organisation in the world. The RCS (ACT) Branch was founded in 1957. Although clearly connected by history and purpose with RCS London, the ACT Branch, like other RCS branches throughout the world, is legally separate, fully autonomous and has its own constitution. Many RCS branches are registered charities and others, although not registered as such, give priority to their work for charitable and humanitarian enterprises.

Overall, the Royal Commonwealth Societies are committed to the principles and values underpinning the modern Commonwealth of Nations. These are Democracy, Rule of Law, Human Rights, Social and Economic Development. In their day-to-day work, however, the RCS branches are involved in activities encouraging friendship and understanding in and between peoples of the Commonwealth, particularly among the young.

Many members of the ACT Branch of the Royal Commonwealth Society have lived and worked overseas, often in other Commonwealth countries in Africa, Asia and the Pacific. This experience and knowledge of other cultures and languages has brought a dimension to their contributions to the work of the Branch, to the multi-ethnic activities of the capital, and to our interactions with the Commonwealth diplomatic missions in Canberra with whom we have established relationships.
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